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City-Sale - целый город скидок и распродаж!
Ladies and Gentlemen

We are happy to invite you to join our www.city-sale.ru Web Portal

Our “City Sale” club represents the most active consumers’ group, comprised of wealthy individuals with highly developed shopping habits.

Clubs members hold personal numbered membership card entitling them to various discounts and bonuses from member stores and chains.

Thus we are capable of attracting valuable and wealthy Russian customers to member stores, where in some cases, the customer would travel abroad specifically in order to visit your shop.

Discounts and bonuses for Club Members as well as information in Russian language together with shopping tips, advises and customer ratings ensures maximal exposure of your business to Russian public.

The project is still in its infancy yet over 60 000 unique users are visiting our site each month with this number growing rapidly and steadily

The hosting at our portal is free of charge and requires no commitment.

Visitors and card holders’ growth summery table

Card holders’ benefits

Card holders are entitled to special bonuses and discounts, of which our site is to be informed. The size and the nature of the discount is at the partner’s discretion, however it should surpass that, given to non member shoppers. Bonuses and discounts may cover the entire store collection or selected items only.

For example:

Becoming a partner is as easy as sending us the following materials:

1. Shop name ( to be placed on our web site)
2. Catalogue of the goods and services
3. Shop’s logo(jpeg format)
4. Photographic materials ( up to 4 jpeg files)
5. Discounts and bonuses summary
6. Shops phone , fax and e mail
7. Shops web site 8. Exact shop’s location
9. Map of the shops’ area in jpeg format

Best regards, Liuba Devyatkina
Project Manager
E-mail: marketing@city-sale.ru